I have been shooting for over 25 years now. I started with film and now have been shooting digital for over 8 years. I use Canon equipment and when I use a tripod or monopod I use Bogen. Wildlife is my passion and I shoot locally as much as possible. Delaware has a very diverse wildlife population and I have yet to run out of subjects to shoot. Occasionally I get the opportunity to shoot outside of the local area. Some of those images will find their way to this site as well.

I started this website to showcase my finest images. I will constantly be adding new and old images as I continue to shoot wildlife and rediscover older images from my archives. I mainly shoot wildlife in the Delaware, Maryland and Virginia region. Occasionally I'll make a trip outside the local area and will post those images here as well. I display my images in large formats to showcase their detail however I do compress them quite a bit so you still don't see them in all their glory. They are a good representation of what the uncompressed images will look like in print format or on a calibrated monitor. So there's still a lot of detail to be seen in the originals.

At the bottom of each page are tags that will give you quicker access to a particular subject. All images are in chronological order with the newest images first.

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